What is the Egg Drop?


This is an event where all K-5 students work in teams (usually 4-5 teams per classroom) to design a device that will keep their raw egg from cracking when dropped from a high elevation. This is a super fun STEM activity and is a wonderful opportunity to work in teams on creative solutions that get those engineering minds working. The Kirkland Fire Department will bring out their firetruck and drop all of the devices from the top of the ladder. Of course, if there is an emergency the fire department needs to attend to during the time we have them scheduled, we will find an alternative way to drop the eggs.



When is the Egg Drop?


Monday, June 6 at 2pm is when we will start dropping all the devices. Students will work in teams in their classrooms either that morning or the week prior to build their devices.


How can I support this awesome STEM activity?


We need a number of supplies donated and we need folks to help with supply prep and volunteer during the event. Click the green button below to help out.

Bell Teachers: 


We need to know the Egg Drop teams in your classroom and which students are on each team. Please create teams and have the students come up with their team names, then enter the information HERE