Did you know the Bell PTSA creates the yearbook each year? We sure do! In order to create a beautiful yearbook, we rely on the Bell community to upload photos (e.g., first day of school, Spirit Week, Walk to School Week, Harvest Party, School Play, enrichment classes, classroom parties and activities, etc.). Uploading on Treering is quick and easy and can be done via the Treering app or website. 



How to Get Started:


  • Go directly to our school page on Treering to create an account. Orgo to www.treering.com/validate and enter our school’s passcode: 1015269962362510

  • It is important for you to confirm that all of your children are in your account with the correct school and school year. Click HERE for info on how to add additional children to your account.

  • More information can be found on Treering's help center page. 



How to Share Photos:


To share photos for the yearbook, go to Treering (using their app or web page) and follow the steps below (it's so easy!): 



5th Grade Dedications:


Due to the very limited number of dedications we received from 5th grade families (deadline was May 1), we will NOT be printing a dedication section in this year's yearbook. However, there is still a way that you can edit your own yearbook and have your dedication printed (it would only be printed in your yearbook and not visble to anyone else). Simply go to the homepage of Treering and sign into your account. On the front page, click “customize yearbook”. From here, you can upload photos, add text, etc. The first two customized pages are free. Customized pages must be completed by May 23.


Additionally, the PTSA is working to have all 5th grade students complete a survey with a few questions about themselves. Our goal is to highlight 100% of the 5th grade students in the yearbook this year. 



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Photos can be uploaded on Treering until May 15, but we strongly encourage families to upload photos throughout the year as events occur. We build the yearbook all year, so last minute photos can be challenging. 

  • Yearbooks can be ordered anytime, but shipping will not be covered if they are ordered after May 27. (1) Go to: www.treering.com/validate (2) enter our school’s passcode: 1015269962362510
    • 5/27/23 or earlier: Before Deadline - All orders placed with free shipping
    • After 5/27/23 and before 6/20/23: After Deadline Ship to School - Parent/student will have to pay for shipping and books are shipped to the school.
    • 6/20/23 and later: After Deadline Ship to Home - Parent/student will have to pay for shipping and books are shipped to their home.
    • 6/20/23: Delivery Date - The latest date all books that include free shipping will arrive at the school.


  • The yearbook is put together by our yearbook chairs. The yearbooks will ship to Bell Elementary near the end of the school year and will be handed out to students at school. 

  • Anyone who purchases a yearbook can customize 2 FREE pages by uploading photos and/or answering fun memory questions on Treering. The 2 Custom Pages are FREE and are printed ONLY in your book. Want more custom pages? Each additional 2 pages is just $0.99. If you plan to do customized pages, complete these on TreeRing prior to May 23.

  • Preschool families: Pre-k students are in the yearbook. Get your photos uploaded before May 15 and place your yearbook orders!


questions or feedback, email yearbook@agbellptsa.org


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