Bell PTSA continues to prioritize sustainability in our schools and in our community (visit our Green Team page to learn more). We want to continue this work both at Bell and in each of our homes and neighborhoods. We can collectively make a significant impact if we each do our part (e.g., reducing plastic use, recycling, planting trees, reducing consumption, driving less, supporting companies who use sustainable materials, contacting our legislators to advocate for policies that positively impact our planet, etc.). We can teach our children the importance of taking care of our planet, each and every day, through our actions and through education. 


In celebration of Earth Day in April 2022, Bell PTSA will be organizing a community clean-up event and providing educational materials and ideas for ways you and your family can live more sustainably. Stay tuned! More details will be provided as we approach April.


Do you have any feedback on ways we can nurture our community? We would love to hear them. Email us at

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