President: Brena Gattuccio


This is Brena's third year on the Board (second year as President). She joined the PTSA because she is passionate about advocacy work and strongly believes that communities thrive most when community members actively engage, by giving their time and resources. Brena is mom to Weston (3rd Grade).




Treasurer: Leslie Victor


Leslie has spent many years at Bell, as a former Bell Bulldog herself. This year, she has a 3rd grader (Chase) and a 1st grader (Damon). Leslie has been actively involved in the school the past three years. This is her third year on the board and second year as Co-Treasurer. She also runs the Pantry Pack Program and is a familiar face on Popcorn Fridays. She is passionate about supporting our teachers and students and bringing our community together.










Secretary: Jennifer Venters


This is Jennifer's second year on the board. She enjoys volunteering and loves being a part of the Bell community. She is mom to Buck (2nd grade), Shep (age 4), and baby girl Billie.











VP of Fundraising & Membership: Jane Helbig


This is Jane’s first year on the Board. She enjoys supporting the Bell community and believes it truly takes a village to raise a child. She is grateful to be a part of this amazing Kirkland “village” that plays a vital role in her children’s lives, and is excited to be more involved with helping Bell’s teachers and staff enhance the lives of nearly 500 students at Bell. Jane is mom to Elsa (3rd grade) and Mabel (Kindergarten).




Co-VP of Community Events: Randee Jez


This is Randee's first year on the board.  She has 2 kids at Bell - James (3rd Grade), and Anna (1st Grade).  She is excited to be more involved with the Bell community and get to know more families at Bell as Co-VP of Community Events.







Co-VP of Community Events: Debby Willsey


This is Debby's first year on the board, serving as Co-VP of Community Events.  She is excited to work with our community and make a positive difference as well as supporting our staff to provide the best possible environment for educating our kids. She is mom to Beckett (1st) and Porter (9th).










VP of Student Enrichment: Keri Morgan


This is Keri’s first year on the board and her family’s first year at Bell. She is mom to Olivia (3rd grade) and Jax (age 4). As a former teacher she is excited to be a part of the Bell community, find new ways to support teachers, and help to enrich the educational experience for students and families. 







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