Staff Appreciation Week is May 8 -12. It’s time to show our appreciation to the amazing teachers and staff at Bell! The PTSA would love your help in filling up our staff room with coffee, juice, chips, drinks, and treats.


We know if everyone gives a little we can demonstrate how big our appreciation is to these incredible people we get to call our Bell teachers and staff! Simply donate an item or two and help your Bulldog write a thank you note to show how much we care! This year's theme is "Bell Teachers are Out of this World!"  Each day we'll have a different surprise waiting in the staff room to show our appreciation.





We encourage families to show their gratitude to their teachers and other Bell staff members throughout the year, not just during organized staff appreciation events. Something as simple as a thank you letter, a painting, or a poem can mean so much! You might also consider looking at the Amazon Wish List & Favorite Things List for other ways to show your appreciation.


The Amazon Wish List & Favorite Things List includes the following:

  1. Bell Staff Favorite Things - This is a list of favorite drinks, foods, colors, stores, etc. for Bell staff. While we don't have information for every staff member, we continue to update this document regularly.

  2. Bell Staff Amazon Wish Lists - This is a list of Amazon wish lists for Bell staff. Not all staff members have created a list, but most teachers have. See below for more information on Amazon wish lists.


A few things worth noting about the Amazon wish lists:

  • Not all staff are participating. If a staff member does not have a wish list, they have chosen to not participate.

  • There is no deadline. Feel free to show your support by purchasing items off these lists at anytime.
  • Each teacher and staff member is assigned to a group (the group number is in the excel document). Please consider sending a gift to everyone in the same group, as we want to ensure all staff members are included.
  • If a wishlist is low on items, please email and we will work with the staff member to add to their list.

When you checkout through the list, please make sure to select "Gift Registry Address" for the shipping address, so the item will ship directly to their home (see below image for example). If you do not see this option, please email and we will work with the teacher to update their shipping info.


Bell Teachers and Staff:



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