The results of our fundraising survey indicated a majority of people were in favor of a spring fundraiser with a Fun Run being the top event choice. With this information, we have partnered with Booster to host a Fun Run event during school hours in the Bell Gym on Friday, March 22nd.  

Spring fundraising kicks off NOW! We have partnered with Booster to help us raise $14,000 for PTSA programs and school improvement grants. Reaching this goal will allow us to continue with all of the planned PTSA programs and events for the remainder of the year AND provide the school with funds to improve the playground digging area.


⭐️  Log into MYBOOSTER.COM today to get started!  ⭐

What is the Bell Bulldog Fun Run?

The Bell Bulldog Fun Run is an 11 day program that ends with a Glow Run for all students taking place during school hours on 03/22/2024. Families will be getting donations for the minutes their student completes at the Bell Bulldog Fun Run. Funds raised from this event go toward PTSA programs and school improvement grants! Our goal is to raise $14,000.

How can families register their student(s)?

First, families log in or sign up on MYBOOSTER.COM. Then, families can register their student as a participant on MYBOOSTER.COM by searching for "Bell Elementary" by name. Registering is FREE. We encourage you to register and share your students donation link, even if you yourself are not able to donate.

How can students get donations?

Families can help connect students to sponsors by sharing their fundraising link on Facebook, through email, or even a text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those donations online through students’ fundraising link! We'll be tracking on a map where in the country (and world!) donations come from for students to see. So please reach out to your friends and relatives near and far!

How do prizes work?

Prizes are whole-school prizes. We want to make this fundraiser engaging and inclusive of all students regardless of the amount donated per student. School-wide progress will be tracked and shared by email each day from March 12-March 22nd. Check out the incentives at each level below.




Ready to join in the fun and support our school?

     Here’s how you can support Bell Elementary:


Thank you for supporting our school - we are grateful for our amazing school community!


Check out a video of what the event will look like here: