We are very much looking forward to a time when we can come together for Bell's first S.T.E.M. night. Prior to the school closures, we had organized our first S.T.E.M. Night at Bell, which included The Reptile Man, Snapology, Mathnasium, Mighty Coders, a local robotics team, and a telescope viewing station. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the event at the last minute.


Below are three virtual events we scheduled for the 2020-2021 school year. Links to access these programs will be emailed via the Bulldog Blast closer to the event date. Make sure you're registered on this website so you're receiving our weekly newsletter.


  • April 27th:  Radical Reactions - Observe the explosive ways chemicals unite and react in this high energy show! Discover the signs of chemical reactions through experimentation and learn how this creates the world around us.

  • May 11th:  Virtual Planetarium: Night Sky Tonight - Become a true backyard astronomer. Learn how living on a giant spinning ball changes what can be seen each night, discover how to find constellations, and even how the sky can be used to find directions!

  • June 3rd:  Virtual Planetarium: Planetary Geology -  Take a wild virtual ride to explore the planets and moons that make up Earth’s neighborhood, the solar system. Explore these unique landscapes, and see deep craters, magma filled volcanoes, giant seas of methane, and icy oceans.