During remote learning in the 2020-2021 school year, the PTSA continued to fund the art enrichment program at Bell (i.e., Art with Mrs. Lustgarten); however, we shifted from an in-person format to virtual video lessons. Scroll below to access the virtual lessons created by Mrs. Lustgarten.


For the 2021-2022 school year, we are thrilled to announce that Mrs. Lustgarten is back in the classrooms. Click the video links below to learn more about the lessons and to see some of the wonderful creations from this year.





March 2021 Art Lessons


Photobombing Llama

Pete the Cat

February 2021 Art Lesson


Joseph Amedokpo


Jospeh Amedokpo is an abstract painter who lives in Togo, West Africa and incorporates geometric shapes, patterns, and bright colors in his bold art. He uses donated paints and discarded flour sacks stretched over wood for his canvases.

In 2008, Joseph Amedokpo was among four artists chosen to create designs for Dell's (PRODUCT) RED laptops. With each laptop sold, Dell contributed $20 to the Global Fund, which helps eliminate AIDS in


Faith Ringgold


Age 91, currently creates & lives in Harlem, New York.

Faith Ringhold's mother, a fashion designer, taught her to sew and gave her creating materials, scraps of fabric and a needle during the times she was at home battling asthma.

In her story quilt, Tar Beach, she shows a family gathered on top of a building to cool off at night and Cassie and her brother flying over the George Washington Bridge. Flying gives them the freedom to go wherever they want for the rest of their life. This echoes an important motif in African-American folk tale literature in which slaves told of “flying to freedom” as wish fulfillment or a metaphor from escaping

“Freedom Quilts” hung on clotheslines and in windows and they included patterns that conveyed secret messages to guide escaping slaves to the north.


December 2020 Art Lessons


Gingerbread House






October 2020 Art Lessons




Little Blue Truck